AESS Group is a software company that is focused on providing high quality software solutions to our customers. We beleive that to create the best solutions, you need the very best teams. Naturally, for this you need the very best people which in the case of software means having the right mix of technical skills combined and effective collaboration. This is exactly what AESS Group is made of.
Microsoft Certified Partner

Welcome to AESS Group Website

AESS Group is a software services provider focused on the development and integration of advanced software solutions. Our excellent team combined with the latest technologies, helps our customers to use the techonology in the most effective way.

Our services and solutions include:
  • Software Consulting Services - From enterprise level software, to a custom application for a small shop, AESS Group can provide a customized flexible solution.
  • Outsourcing - We can build high quality software for a fraction of the cost encountered in the US or Western Europe.
  • Professional web sites/web applications - High quality web sites based on industry wide standards and compatible with all majors browsers.

We also thrive on the pragmatic use of the most innovative technologies and processes. We heavely rely on: Agile Software Development, Enterprise Integration, Test Driven Development, .NET Framework and Open Source technologies. But we always remember that the number one measure of success is delivering working software that actually solves our client's business needs.